Who We Are

Apra Wisconsin traces its roots back to 1985, when it was a loosely affiliated group, calling itself Wisconsin Development Researchers (WDR). In 1996, WDR reorganized as APRA-WI and aligned itself with APRA International. 
Apra Wisconsin has approximately 45 members, representing institutions of higher education, health care organizations, social service agencies, environmental protection and conservation groups, and independent prospect research contractors. We are diverse in both industry and geography. 
Apra Wisconsin typically hosts two annual chapter conferences and has a long history of featuring the best-known national speakers in the prospect research field. The conferences provide an opportunity for our members to share best practices and to network. 
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Sarah Bernstein, Principal Consultant

Vice President

Emily Glinert, Prospect Identification Analyst
Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association

Events Coordinator

Jenny Ziegler, Director of Development Analytics
Lawrence University

Membership Secretary

Dehnel Petre, Prospect Research Analyst
The Nature Conservancy


Alex Mendez, Prospect Development Data Specialist
Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association


Ellen Finn, Assistant Director of Research
University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee

Recording Secretary

Julie Nurse, Director of Prospect Research
Marquette University

Board Member

Chris Zello, Prospect Research/Database Manager
Milwaukee Public Museum

Board Member & Blog manager

John Marquez, Prospect Analyst
St. Norbert College

Advisory board member & website administrator

Jeff Walker, Director of Research
University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee


Gail Anshus (President, 2001-2002, 1995-1996)
Cynthia Bertsch (President, 1997-2000, 1993-1995)
Linda Gage (Recording Secretary, 2008-2012; Secretary/Membership Secretary, 1999-2005)
Kathy Graff (Treasurer, 1998-2000; unofficial Photographer)
Mary Kay Ohmer (Treasurer, 2000-2002; unofficial Archivist)
Barb Siepe (Vice President, 1998-2001)



Become a new member or renew your membership with Apra Wisconsin . Fill out the membership form below, and submit the completed form as directed.  If you have any questions, contact the chapter's membership secretary, Dehnel Petre.


The Apra Wisconsin chapter by-laws are a living document. In many ways, the by-laws are the chapter's operating manual, detailing its overarching philosophy, its organization and structure, and its operations. Chapter members are encouraged to review the by-laws and suggest areas for improvement.